Family Reunion

​Ralph L, August 2022
"The Ranch was very nice and we became more comfortable with it as the days past during our visit. That may sound strange, but each of our kid's family had their own cabin. The more days we were there, the group of buildings took on our family's personality. The lodge is laid out very well for a reunion. The kitchen and dining area was large enough to handle all of us. The dining area doubled as our game room during the evenings where we had different games being played on each of the different tables. Everyone gravitated to the game of their interest. One room off the kitchen became our kids crafts room. It was perfect to paint pet rocks and leave them to dry. The great grandparents loved the back porch where they could oversee the multi-family kickball game in the small field behind the lodge. Some of us guys went fishing in the river next the Ranch. Cutthroats were abundant once we figured out what flies they were biting. The family also like making the short drive up to Granite Hot Springs for a relaxing soak. Bottom line: Great stay, Great Time, Great Place!"

Historic Guest Ranch For Rent 

Perfect for our group

Sue L, June 2022
"We had 5 families stay and it was perfect for the whole group. Each family had their sleeping areas and we shared meals and group time in the lodge. We hardly had to leave the property to enjoy our time. The creek running through was perfect and all the outdoor space added to the overall beauty. We are talking about going again next year!"



The Black powder Ranch

Just Amazing

Tim R, October 2021

"What an amazing place! I am so happy we found this gem! It made it super easy for our group to stay having multiple cabins and a fully stocked kitchen! The main house has a full fireplace which made made hanging out in the house an amazing time. There are farms nearby which lend to the beautiful backdrop here! I couldn't have asked for a better place to stay. Allison made things super easy and was fantastic to communicate with! I want to make a trip here a yearly occurrence! I absolutely love this place and it now has a special place in my heart! Can I rate it higher than a 5/5? Haha"